Bedroom Sessions

Part One

Introducing Olivia.

You may know her as the spunky red head with insane musical talent. I know her as the down to earth, soul filled best friend who enjoys eating Russian mint chocolate with me in my kitchen. However you may know Olivia, one thing is for certain; she is a girl filled creativity and curiosity, ready to share it with the world around her.

Recently, I have realized that I share my passion for photography with film and video production. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I became aware of all the different possibilities I have present at my fingertips when I pick up my camera. I started filming more whenever I had the chance to do so and I soon discovered how intriguing capturing live footage was to me. Taking a photograph freezes a moment while filming seizes the moments entire feeling.

There is something so intimate about being able to showcase your subject in it’s natural environment and how it interacts with it’s surroundings. This is how Bedroom Sessions came to be. I wanted to exhibit raw, uncut versions of genuine musical talent. So, I asked Olivia to be the subject of my first Bedroom Sessions project.

Watch Bedroom Sessions-Pillow Talk Cover by Olivia Lunny

If you’d like to hear more from Olivia Lunny, check her out on SoundCloud. Also, keep an eye out for her single “Dreamer”, releasing within the next few weeks.



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