February 28, 2016

A Sunday of adventures and good company is all that one needs. This past weekend, I embarked on a day long journey around Winnipeg with two of the loveliest people. Travelling on foot (and by bus), we explored what our already familiar city had to offer.


The first place we ventured off to was a local flea market called the Mulvey Flea Market.  Open on weekends, the Mulvey Market is home to antiques and second hand treasures. Our most exciting find was two polaroid cameras. After tinkering with them for about half an hour however, we realized that purchasing film for them would be much more expensive than the actual cameras themselves. So, we ditched the idea all together.


Every adventure needs a coffee break, am I right?


Before I go any further, I’d like to introduce someone very special. Meet my adventure buddy; Dena. We met through one of our mutual friends and ever since then, we have become the best of friends. I’m pretty sure that Dena and I have met in some other life because the connection that we share is one that feels as though it has been shaped by the hands of time itself (oddly enough, we only met this year).

Dena’s perceptiveness to detail and knack for creativity continues to amaze me. She looks at life with tenderness and love, which gives her photography unique and personal touches. She is an artist whom I admire as her talent is rooted deeply within everything she does.

Click here to view Dena’s blog

I highly recommend you check her out as I believe that her artistic genius is something that should be applauded and appreciated by everyone.


Joining us on our adventure this Sunday was our friend, Jaden. He took us into the Fort Garry Hotel to try and unravel some of it’s mysteries regarding the haunted rooms on the second floor. In the end however, we spent almost all of our time taking pictures within the dark hallways and in front of the curtain kissed windows.


After using up all of the film on his film camera, Jaden had no methods of hiding away from the DSLR’s. He became our unofficial, official model. These shots were all captured at Winnipeg’s Train Station


Jaden likes to climb things; a visual story.IMG_9903IMG_9915IMG_9916IMG_9925

Our Sunday adventure also included plenty of outdoor exploration, regardless of the not-so-ideal weather.


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