Dreamer Release

Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! Get ready because this upcoming Sunday (March 13), Olivia Lunny’s first single is being released. A track entitled Dreamer, Olivia will be releasing her song on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music. She is an accomplished and talented young performer who has shared her music with audiences at Winnipeg Folk Festival’s youth performers act, The Red River Ex, Park Theatre, Vinyl Revival open mic as well as many other stages in Winnipeg.

Olivia’s music can be described as sharing indie-alternative melodies with underlying folklore tones. These elements are all tied together by a string of pop vibes woven tightly by intricate instrumentation and warm vocals. Olivia’s use of mesmerizing lyrics are accompanied by a story behind each word, which  instantly allows her listeners to be enveloped by her artistic presence. Whether I’m listening to her play little ukulele tunes around my kitchen or watching her perform her original pieces on a stage, she never fails to make me fall in love with her music.

Within the past year, Olivia partnered with Paisley, an alternative-pop band. Together, they recorded her single and are working towards planning many more projects for the near future. Paisley is comprised of five talented players:

Drums / Julian Brown
Synth, Keys, Vocals / Sasha Maric
Vocals / Sam Beardsell
Bass / Sam Anthony
Guitar / Charlotte Friesen

Their creativity and musical brilliance is perfectly reflected in their music. Being best described as “a cross between the Smiths and Young the Giant”, Paisley is selling out local venues and sharing the spotlight with many other talented artists. Paisley will be performing Dreamer with Olivia on Saturday March 26 at Le Garage. Sharing the stage with Ivory Hours and ATLAAS, they’ll be delivering some toe tapping tunes from 9:00-11:59 pm.

I had the pleasure of spending an entire Sunday evening with the players while working with them on a photo shoot to promote Olivia’s single. Here are some of our best shots…

IMG_3942From left to right: Julian Brown, Charlotte Friesen, Sasha Maric, Olivia Lunny, Sam Anthony and Sam Beardsell.


IMG_3987What better time of day to be outside than during the time of golden hour? While driving with seven people in a van, we found some unique shooting locations.

Personally, these are two of my favourite shots from the entire day. They’ve got that Abbey Road circa 1969 feel to them.

IMG_4180IMG_4231Abandoned buildings are always fun to explore. But abandoned department stores are even better…

That being said, we got caught for being up here without permission. At this point there was nothing more we could do than pose on the escalator while on our escape down from security. Although we were supposed to be getting our butts out of the building, these pictures capture some of the pure spontaneity of the entire group.

IMG_4300“It’s a Porsche!”

IMG_4318IMG_4352They all laughed when I said that these pictures remind me of The Paper Kites’ album cover art for Twelve Four. I guess it was the light leaks? Who even knows what I was saying at this point.

Once Olivia finally got her glass of milk after an evening of shooting, we wrapped up the scene for the day.

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