After Dark

Late night drives are arguably one of the best ways one can learn to enjoy their own company. For me, turning up the radio on an evening cruise has become synonymous with the idea of escapism, used to help me feel more comfortable within my own solitude. In this case, music acts as more of a distraction rather than a meditative thought. Building a better bond with myself however coincides perfectly with the collective external noise we call music.

Tuning in to CBC Radio 2 to listen to the “After Dark” series led by Odario Williams has become a routinely habit. Every weeknight from 8pm till midnight, listeners find themselves climbing through the enchanted wardrobe which leads them into what I like to call musical Narnia. Song after song, I find myself reaching for my phone to Shazam new artists to discover exactly what it is that I’m listening to.

Driving home from this shoot, one song stuck out in particular. Joni Void-Empathy (Ayuko’s Song)  acted as the perfect soundtrack to my night…


ash hand 1


jay hands 2



untitled (4 of 5)

ash potrait 3

sol portrait 1



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