Who’s Your Twin Flame?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but feel reminded of all the amazing people in my life. From my family to my friends and everyone in between, the joyous love-bird intoxication surrounding this special day alway gives me the privilege of indulging in the true meaning of what it means to be thankful.

This year however, I’m making it a goal to focus my gratitude in towards some of the more mundane aspects of everyday life. For myself, sometimes taking a step back can be helpful in providing insight or perspective towards the things I value the most.  And I’ve realized that those things are always centred around three main ideas: communication, collaboration and creativity.

The Three C’s. Im hoping that this will become somewhat of a motto that will carry me forward while on my artistic endeavours this year. Communicating ideas and knowledge so that I can learn and challenge myself. Collaborating with talented individuals to create  together. And above all, remembering to always be creative.

These Three C’s are what helped me with this very project; A Valentine’s Day Lookbook partnering with makeup and brow artist, Kya Mason, and vintage thrifting experts, Maia and Brooke.

I’ll let the photos do the talking, but, before you scroll down you should know where to find these talented ladies in case YOU ever want to work with them.

When I asked Brooke and Maia how they came up with the name of “Twin Flames” for their vintage clothing shop, their response was immediate and genuine. They said  that the name comes from the notion that the two girls themselves feel as though they are each others twin flame. One another’s best friend. A mirror. Partners in the fashion world. Knowing that thrifting for cute vintage clothes can at times be very challenging for some people, Brooke and Maia decided to put their talents to good use. With their expert eyes and fine tuned knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not, the two started up a business by collecting some of the most interesting clothing pieces from around Winnipeg. For more details about their next pop up, you can visit their page on Instagram at @shoptwinflames

How many of you can confidently say that you feel comfortable with putting on liquid eyeliner?  That’s what I thought… One thing I know for sure is that my liquid eyeliner skills are probably that next to nothing in comparison to Kya’s. A graduate from The Be-You-Tee Factory, she can glam you up and make you look your best for any occasion. You can see more of what Kya is up to on her Instagram: @kya.cosmetics

That being said, the rest is yours to enjoy…


Look #1 034


look #2052
look #3011
look #4002
pretty in pink no. 1087


pretty in pink no. 2071



Nat ❤

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