Feminine & Fierce

A short blurb on remembrance and self identity…

To all my lovely women out there: today is dedicated to celebrating YOU! Although the recognition of accomplishments and monumental actions of those who have shaped women’s history deserves more than just one day, March 8th is a time when individuals within society are recognized without regard to divisions. When analyzing the factors contributing to the marginalization of the female community across the world, it is important to acknowledge all social, cultural, economic, linguistic, and political obstacles that have stunted the growth of women’s identity throughout history.

Growing up in the 21st century and having my adolescent years highlighted by a time of turbulent change, I find myself being hyper-aware of my privilege. Although I am a woman, and therefore a minority to that of North American patriarchy based societal constructions, I am still someone who is able to establish myself close to the top of the hierarchal food chain. My opportunities stem from circumstances that I am not always able to control, yet work in my favour due to the sheer luck of how and where I was brought into this world. As a white, cis-gendered woman who lives in Canada, my ability to comment on behalf of all women in the world is extremely insufficient. I am ill-equipped to speak about the personal and ongoing battles that some people face in their lives as I am someone who has never faced discrimination outside of my gender.

As someone who is aware of what my privilege means, the best thing I can do is to spread my little voice for others to hear. It is everyones role to continue the conversation surrounding intersectional feminism, gender equality, sexual harassment/abuse, political rights, domestic violence, career opportunities, access to education, a say in ones reproductive rights, exploitation, literacy rates, healthcare rights and many, many more.

Below I have attached some links to a few fantastic websites. Please read, educate, and spread your knowledge to others. Feeling empowered can be as simple as possessing a key to understanding our differences. Although there are many things which are unable to be done in a hands-on fashion when sitting in the comfort of your own home, acting as a grass-root catalyst on a small scale should never go unnoticed.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are girls still marginalized? 

A brief history on International Women’s Day

What does it mean to identify as non binary?

Understanding the gender spectrum

Because I am a girl

Women’s Refugee Commission 

Feminist Apparel

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