Normally, I don’t pay attention to hashtags. However, this one caught my eye. On Instagram, when you look at the photos under #WorldPhotographyDay, you will find over 225 thousand publications from photographers of varying skill levels from all across the world.

The first thing that came to mind when attempting to describe this vast online photography community was the word “inspirational”. Initially, this overused expression can be seen as cheesy or unoriginal. Often times, the value of certain words is lost if it is used incorrectly or without proper context.¬†But, when looking at this hashtag from a point of passionate learning and fierce inquisition, it is evident that words often hold much deeper connotations.

This hashtag reminded me what it means to be a curious consumer of the world we live in. I see photography as a creative medium which can be used to communicate complex topics through the universal language of visual art. Connecting with individuals through the power of photography is a unique and personal way in which human interaction is simplified and ideas can be fluent.

My creative vision, as represented through the lens of a camera, is a testimony to my growth as an individual. Whenever I produce something, I am constantly acknowledging the fact that I am learning and expanding my skill based knowledge. Often times, I am my own worst critic. Although my strive for personal satisfaction can be frustrating, it also reminds me why I love photography. Whenever I pick up my camera, I am always reminded to question my surroundings and to look at things from a new perspective. In the grand scheme of things, this mindset goes beyond the world of photography. It is a mantra which resonates with me no matter where I am, who I meet, and how I am feeling, as it forces me to see the beauty in all things.

That being said, to visually accompany my thoughts, it only makes sense to include some photographs in this post. Exactly one year ago, I had five SD cards filled with photos from my trip to Croatia. Unfortunately, when I got back home, the whirlwind of everyday life consumed me and these photos never made it anywhere. Luckily, I kept them all in a safe place and waited to share them whenever the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Looking back at these images from 12 months ago, I immediately am able to pick out the areas in which I would like to improve. I see things I wish I could change or moments I would like to recreate. Noticing these tendencies in my approach to my own work, I am also recognizing how negative my language may seem. Instead, I am now learning to remind myself of how much I have grown as a photogrpher and how proud I should be of that.



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