Taking a look back (July 2018)

Prior to settling down in France, my family and I nestled ourselves into our small apartment in Kamienna Gòra, Poland. Here, we spent approximately two weeks before embarking on our extensive road trip to Tours.

That being said, I am fortunate enough to know Poland from a very personal perspective.  Often times, this place is treated like a summer home; It is a quaint vestige that has been transformed into an intimate dwelling. These stomping grounds, which were once my father’s childhood playground, are now now a familial landscape that is mine to explore.

I like to think of my vacations in Poland as a rehabilitative holiday. A brief get-away for a picturesque hike in a mountainside forest followed by a day trip to the city of Wrocław is the perfect medicine for anyone who is needing a fresh perspective…






~with love, from France.


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