Taking a look back (August 2018)

I am sure that any lover of classical music has already marked Salzburg, Austria as a must-see location on their bucket list. This city is famous for being Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s place of birth. Even though he lived approximately 260 years ago, his musical legacy is carefully preserved and celebrated.

Taking a stroll through the winding cobblestone streets of Salzburg would not be complete without a street musicians soundtrack. Here, music students are mingling with the tourists. During the time of our visit, the annual Mozart Festival of classical music was taking place. Although going to a concert was not within our budget, nor did it fit our schedule, the presence of music was visible far beyond the scope of a traditional recital. Whether it was from lofty windows or small practice rooms, the sounds of Mozart were always pooling into the city streets.



~with love, from France.


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