July 2019: ten days of absolute bliss with my best friend (Nadia).

Our day-to-day: eating delicious food, exploring the tiny seaside villages of Cinque Terre, laying out in the scorching sun, running away from the Italian police (it’s a long story…), shooting film, and trying to learn a new language. However, the thing that kept us the busiest was the thought of buying a minuscule apartment somewhere on the European coast and turning it into our summer home. Perhaps one day, after becoming inspired by a luxurious travel magazine or upon watching a glamorous foreign film, we will pile our savings together and invest in our very own casetta.

Places we saw: Biassa, Riomagiorre, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso, La Spezia, Lerici, Florence.

I was in total vacation mode. That being said, I still managed to capture a few snapshots.








~with love, from Winnipeg.


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