Normally, I don’t pay attention to hashtags. However, this one caught my eye. On Instagram, when you look at the photos under #WorldPhotographyDay, you will find over 225 thousand publications from photographers of varying skill levels from all across the world. The first thing that came to mind when attempting to describe this vast onlineContinue reading “#WorldPhotographyDay”

Feminine & Fierce

A short blurb on remembrance and self identity… To all my lovely women out there: today is dedicated to celebrating YOU! Although the recognition of accomplishments and monumental actions of those who have shaped women’s history deserves more than just one day, March 8th is a time when individuals within society are recognized without regardContinue reading “Feminine & Fierce”

Who’s Your Twin Flame?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but feel reminded of all the amazing people in my life. From my family to my friends and everyone in between, the joyous love-bird intoxication surrounding this special day alway gives me the privilege of indulging in the true meaning of what it means toContinue reading “Who’s Your Twin Flame?”

Nouille Blanche

Fun fact: four years ago, when I heard of “Nuit Blanche” I thought it meant “white noodle” because of the clever play on words the name holds. In the French language, the words “nuit” and “nouille” sound virtually the same. Their meanings however, reflect radically contrasting connotations. “Nuit” translates to night and “nouille” translates toContinue reading “Nouille Blanche”

Film Is Not Dead

No.2 ~ Black & White C’est quoi un “film noir”? C’est une technique de cinéma qui adopte un esprit pessimiste et fataliste avec une humeur de menace. Créer tout en noir et blanc, cette ambiance cinématographique était initialement appliquée à des films “thriller” américains. Ce style a d’abord été popularisé par un groupe de critiquesContinue reading “Film Is Not Dead”