Yellow Days

Welcome to November in France. When taking a look outside, the autumnal landscape is accentuated by a meticulous sense of colour coordination. The once lush, green scenery has metamorphosed to emulate a feverish and everlasting sunshine. Sometimes, as I walk through the familiar streets of Tours, I feel as though I have been transported intoContinue reading “Yellow Days”

Postcards from Karlovy Vary

Taking a look back (July/August 2018) Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic; sophisticated, quiet, and colourful. At first glance, this city looks like a kaleidoscopic wonderland that belongs on a vintage postcard. The streets are decorated by a picturesque wash of hues that are protected by a distant wall of brilliant buildings and curved bridges. Here, theContinue reading “Postcards from Karlovy Vary”

An Afternoon in Nantes

A sunny Saturday with a predicted high temperature of 27 degrees was the perfect recipe for a day trip to the city of Nantes. Our afternoon was filled with sweet coffee, an architectural steampunk wonderland, as well as endless spontaneous moments of exploration amongst the flavourful galette restaurants. Nantes offers something for everyone. If youContinue reading “An Afternoon in Nantes”