Happy Birthday

I turned 20 in April of 2019. This past year has been one filled with soul charging experiences, brilliant new friendships, and unexpected discoveries. Being 19 taught me that, when thinking about the future, it is integral that you invest in personal growth. Thanks to the decisions I made and the risks I took months ago, my internal compass has guided me onto a path of life-long growth.  My only hope for the upcoming years is to continuously be motivated to seek out new challenges, be blessed with good health (both mental and physical), and to always find the spark that is necessary to fuel my curiosity for the world around me. Above all, I hope to always have a pocket full of sunshine (fully intended Natasha Bedingfield reference)…

While celebrating my two decade long coming of age, I was surrounded by the rolling hills of Lamorra, in the Italian province of Langhe…





~with love, from France.


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